Womans Sizing

Rohe Womens Sizing Chart

Rohe Womens Sizing Chart




All our customers are Important to us and we would like to ensure that you are happy and feeling great while wearing your Rohe Jeans therefore we would appreciate you reading these Important points about Sizing before Purchasing your Rohe Jeans:​

These sizes are not Standard sizes, please purchase according to your measurements and not your regular Jeans size.​

>> If either your waist or your hip measurement corresponds to a bigger size than the other please buy the bigger size, for example. If you have a hip measurement that corresponds to a size 12 but your waist measurement corresponds to a size 8, please purchase a size 12.​

>> If your measurements are in between sizes or closer to the bigger size than the smaller size please purchase the bigger size. 

This wont effect the look or function of your Rohe Jeans but will ensure all parts of your body fit in comfortably.

Please keep in mind that Rohe Jeans may look smaller than regular jeans as they function like shapewear, due to the 5% Ultimate stretch they will stretch well when put on to shape your figure.